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TJ Templeton


Waxing Candidly and Other Observations

Exhibition available

Mixed media and encaustic assemblage highlighting the role of child labor at the turn of the 20th Century

“Cannery Kids” is a project involving the use of assemblages, encaustics, and forms of printmaking to bring into view a history that has gone mostly forgotten. In the effort to build a reminder of how much suffering and sacrifice has gone to improve American labor standards in the past century, I utilize public domain images taken by Lewis Hine 100 years ago as part of his efforts on behalf of the National Child Labor Committee. This body of work is as much a tribute to his (and fellow activists) efforts as it is to the children the images depict.

One component of this project features hundreds of sardine cans embedded with encaustic image transfers of the children that once labored in the sardine canneries circa 1911-1915. By embedding the images in the cans, devoid of context beyond their expressions, I hope to draw attention to the commoditization of these children. Not only was their labor exploited, but their very childhoods. By mass producing the cans in my studio, I invoke the very industrial output of their labors.

The process of encaustic image transferring is used frequently in my work involving historical issues. This method of printmaking is uncommon, as it’s infamously overly tedious with unpredictable results. Through years of experimentation I’ve pioneered a method which (while remaining tedious and able to preserve the positive aspects of its unpredictable nature) allows me to produce prints on a large scale; something rarely seen in encaustic art.



Exhibition TBA, 2018

A modern take on the classic image of Judith with the Head of Holofernes. Elements of feminism mixed with erotica and violence explored in various media. More images forthcoming

"Judith with the Head of Holofernes"
80"x18", mixed media on panel

Take it to the Bridge

Exhibition TBA, 2017/2018

An homage to the iconic A.S.B. bridge in Kansas City, Missouri executed in various media utilizing direct observation, as well as transferred images and 1889 engineering blueprints from its original construction and design.


A.S.B. Second Deck Lift System

Conte and charcoal on paper
sold/private collection

A.S.B. Autumnal

Mixed media on paper

1911 A.S.B. on Orange

Encaustic image transfer on board
sold/private collection

A.S.B. Lift System with Schematics

Encaustic image transfer on panel
1889 A.S.B. Schematics

Encaustic image transfer on panel
sold/private collection
A.S.B. with Strata

Encaustic image transfer on panel

A.S.B. Railway

Mixed Media (Encaustic image transfer on panel, steel, wood)
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Tell the Guys Who Fish Me Out, That I Had the Dive of My Life

Encaustic image transfer on panel

Tell the Guys Who Fish Me Out, That I Had the Dive of My Life



Section D

Encaustic image transfer on panel, (6"x7")

Locked Position

Encaustic image transfer on panel, (6"x7")

Bridge Indicator

Encaustic image transfer on panel,  (6"x7")

Hangar Sheave Bearing

Encaustic image transfer on panel, (6"x7")